11 Tips to Turning Your Marketing Plan into an Epic Sales Tool


One marketing resource often overlooked is how you’ll be marketing the client’s listings. While this marketing plan sometimes finds its way into an about page or guarantee, it can be even more effective as a downloadable report clients can peruse.

Two reasons. First, the biggest fear many clients have is that the agent will simply let their home sit on the back burner, or maybe marketed well for a couple weeks, and then forgotten. A serious marketing plan gives them confidence that you’ll be marketing their home seriously.

Second, even if your marketing plan won’t make the Earth shatter on its axis, clients are still impressed by polish. A polished document, with great design and pictures, gives you that little bit of extra sheen.

In fact, the information can be quite basic. Here are 10 basic things to put in a promotional marketing plan.


1.  Where the property will be listed

First up you want to describe where the property will be listed. MLS? Zillow? Print? Paint a picture of how the listing will be shown far and wide.

Better yet, describe what makes the different places different. What exactly does MLS listing accomplish? The answer to that question may be elementary to any agent, but it will be news to most clients.


2.  Overall offline strategy

Even in the digital age, clients still want to know their home will be shown offline. This could include signage, windows, and print marketing. Describing these helps show clients that their property is special and worth more than just slapping on a website.


3.  Newspaper placement

In addition to painting the broad offline strategy, what specific local newspapers will the property be listed in, and how often? Everyone likes to see their home in the paper. Especially because newspaper can still be a source of valuable local news, so play up the local community aspect.


4.  Window display strategy

Most sellers will be disappointed if they can’t see their property in an agent’s window, regardless of how effective it may be. Talk about how the home will be displayed in an attractive way.


5.  Open house inspections

What’s your approach to open houses? How do you attract buyers to these events, and how do you follow up on each buyer? Since open houses involve opening up their home to strangers, sellers are particularly interested in how you do things here.


6.  Photographs and videos

How do you use photographs and videos of the house to give buyers information? Do you conduct virtual tours, or are your photos taken professionally? Buyers are very interested in showing their home off in the best light, so these make good selling points.


Source: House Hunt


7.  Client database

How big is your client database? Is it added to frequently with new leads? Both these two are good selling points in your favor.


8.  Floor plan imaging

Will you be using extra details like the floor plan information or even drawings to give buyers more to get their teeth into? If so, that’s a marketing point you can point out.


9.  House staging experience

House staging is really important, and more buyers are starting to realize it. Do you have particular expertise or experience in this area? You likely do, being a real estate agent.


10.  Persistance

Are you persistent and never give up? That’s good to say in itself, but how long and how regularly will you promote the property to get clients the best price?


11. Market pricing

Last but not least, your pricing strategy. You know pricing a property well is key to selling, so explain how you can price a property in a way that not only does it sell, but that you won’t have to drastically cut the price to do so.

Together, these 11 points give leads a very clear picture of how you’ll be promoting their home. Once they know this information, they’ll be much more confident in giving you the listing.

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