3 Great Offers to Generate Leads at Open Houses


Open house inspections are still a fantastic lead generation tool. Even in the digital age, face-to-face contact with a potential lead is valuable. However, you’ll still encounter some hurdles.

For starters, getting leads to the open house isn’t going to get them to work with you, specifically. The open house is just an invitation, and if you don’t do anything but speak to the group at the open house, a pretty impersonal one at that. You always need to follow it up with something more.

And second, what if the leads you attract at an open house are already working with an agent, or considering one? Then the chances of getting them to be your lead are much lower.

You’ll increase your chances of generating leads at open houses by adding extra value to everyone who visits. You want to show leads that you’re well worth paying attention to. Here are three ways how.


Number 1: Print (a summary of) a free report

You know that community report we’re always suggesting? Yeah, this one. Consider printing it out and giving it away as a free gift to leads who attend your open houses. You’ll gain instant credibility with them, entice them to join your email lists, and will have an easy conversation starter that puts you in control.

And when it comes to follow up later, you’ll ask “Did you get a chance to read the report from the open house? Have any questions?” This gets you in the game faster than the dreaded “Hi, I’m just following up…”


Of course, you don’t have to give away the entire report. If printing the whole thing is a concern, why not just prepare the Cliff’s notes version, and include a link to an online signup for the whole thing on your Facebook page. That way, you add value to everyone who attends the open house, while maintaining some exclusivity for those who are a little more invested.


Number 2: Offer some data

The community report can always be your flagship report, but some leads will be more interested in harder numbers like pricing histories and sales trends. If you have a pricing report, you can offer a one-page summary, with a signup link back to the full report.

However, make sure the summaries are useful in themselves. You want to create an incentive for signing up, but don’t want to offer nothing. A great way to handle this is to give the key facts contained in the report, but have the in-depth discussion in the actual report itself. This way you’re both giving away value and keeping an incentive.  


Source: RISMedia

Number 3: Cookies

If all else fails, you can bribe them. Wait, that’s not right. You can offer cookies and coffee. Your lead follow up will be much easier if you can establish a personal rapport with leads. Take the time to introduce yourself to people, offer them food, and ask them about their house buying goals. This gets leads to slow down and open up a little, and when it comes time to follow up, you can refer back to this meeting as a conversation starter.


Source: RISMedia

Open houses remain an effective way to generate leads, but they do take some work to ensure you’re seen to be offering value. Take the time to ensure everyone who attends your open houses comes away with more than they entered with.

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