5 Rules for Writing a Strong Real Estate Video Script that Generates Commissions


Videos work. We’ve previously described how one of our Realtor co-branding partners generated $43,000 in commissions within three weeks with a Facebook video campaign.

Video gets its power from its ability to engage from start to finish. Unlike text, viewers do not speed up or skip through a video. If the video is engaging, they’ll watch each and every second.

But to do this, you need a good script. In this post we’ll cover 5 rules that make for an engaging real estate video.

Rule 1: Keep it short

The ideal length for a video is between 60 and 90 seconds. Any shorter and you won’t get your message across convincingly. Any longer and you’ll bore people before you get to the call to action.

Yet even with these time constraints, don’t pack things in. Use pauses, and spacing. In the entire script, you might be looking to have as little as 150 words. Read in a steady tone, with room for animation, these 150 words get you to 90 seconds.

Rule 2: Make a 5-second pitch at the start

You’ll have noticed how easy it is to skip ads on YouTube. The advertiser only has 5 seconds to get you to keep watching. Most people skip.

While sales videos introduced by strong written copy won’t suffer from quite the same skipping rates, it will still happen: People will close your video just as you’re getting into your stride. To counter this, you need to make a compelling 5-second “elevator pitch” right at the start.

For example: “Watch and you can have access to properties not yet on the market.”

Anyone who is looking for a house to buy is going to be intrigued by that one sentence. Give them a compelling reason to watch.

Rule 3: Put your entire message in the first 30 seconds

After the elevator pitch, you should always assume that someone is only going to watch 30 seconds of your video. Viewer retention rates start going down quite quickly as the video progresses.

This means your first 30 seconds should contain the entirety of your pitch—the three most important points you need to make to have a convincing case.

For example, if you’re promoting off-market properties, you might say:

1.   There are properties for sale that no one but a few select realtors have access to
2.   If you act quickly you can gain access to these properties
3.   Call me and I’ll show you today

If these three points are in the first 30 seconds, even those who click away at this point can still be persuaded to take action. After this, the rest of the video can then be spent on second-tier details that support your points to really make a convincing case to those who are more interested.

Rule 4: Get the right tone 

Your video should not be dry and boring. Nor should it simply be a stand-up routine or hard sell. You want an engaging, yet credible tone.

Imagine what your leads are seeking to experience in the house buying process:

Hope, triumph, confidence. This is what you want to portray in the video. Your leads already have enough stress and worry! They really don’t need more added by your video. 

However, buying a house is a serious matter, so humor should also be avoided. A personable, upfront tone is best. And when you go to hire a voice actor to speak the script, make sure they can provide this tone.

Rule 5: Write clear calls to action

You’re not making these videos simply to entertain. You want people to take action. That means telling them what to do.

The first call to action can come early, at the thirty second mark. This can be short. For example: “Call me at 555-555-1234, and I can show you access to off-market properties.” After this call to action, you’d then go on detailing the facts to support your arguments.

The main call to action at the end, can be in more detail and encompass the whole video as a wrap up. For example:

Don’t let other buyers get ahead of you. Jump to the head of the line by getting exclusive access to off-market properties. Call me at 555-555-1234, or email me at john@myrealtyfirm.com. 

Video is one of the top-performing realtor marketing tools. If you haven’t already, learn how to make strong videos that earn commissions. 

P.S. If you’d like the full story on how one of our partners made $43,000 in commissions with a single video that only cost a few hundred to put together, you can read more in our white paper, Your Blueprint for Realtor Marketing that made $43,000 in Three Weeks.


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