7 Affordable Real Estate CRMs


One of the most common pieces of advice for real estate agents is “Get a CRM.” It’s good advice. A customer relationship manager system can help you manage leads, sales follow-ups, and even filter your email lists. Given that you want to do all these things, CRMs are an essential tool in the real estate business.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 1.40.12 PM copyHowever, the question then becomes “Which CRM?” There are many capable CRMs available, so it’s a matter of looking around and doing your research. To help, here are 7 of the better lower priced CRMS.

We’ve tried to keep this list to CRMs that don’t cost hundreds a month. Those CRMS may be worthwhile for teams, but you need to really make sure you’re using every feature to make this cost worthwhile. And we have, of course, excluded enterprise-level CRMs costing $1,000 a month.

Now some of these CRMs are not designed exclusively for real estate agents, but it’s important to consider all your options. You might just like the feel of one particular CRM, and some general CRMs can be customized to provide the important features agents need at a lower cost.



If CRMs seem confusing, expensive, and oriented at teams more than sole professionals, then Insightly is a good pick—it’s neither. Starting at only $12 a month, Insightly provides enough features to manage leads without overwhelming you with tools you won’t use. A good choice for sole agents who want to get used to incorporating a CRM into their workflow.


A step up from Insightly in both cost and complexity at $25 a month, Salesforce offers a huge degree of customization. If you can handle the added options, however, Salesforce is worth looking into.


A very popular real estate CRM powered by Salesforce, ReThink offers a number of specialized features like listing and broker views while still giving all the general features needed in a CRM. Starts at about $35 a month.


Designed specifically for real estate agents, Wise Agent is another simple CRM that gives lots of features. Integrates with third-party apps to provide services such as digital document signing and Zillow integration.



Contactually is another general CRM that translates especially well to the mobile lifestyle. If you do most of your business on your phone or tablet, Contactually is worth looking into.


Another very popular real estate-specific CRM, Top Producer comes with all the features you’ll ever need. It starts at the very reasonable price of $35 a month, and can be extended with additional plugins like Market Snapshot.


Free CRMs are hit and miss. Some are barely better than organizing everything on Google Docs. Zoho is one of the best free ones and does all the important things like automation and social media integration. That said, paid CRMs do offer more features and some, like Insightly, are easier to use overall.


The Best CRM is the Easiest to Use

You have a huge range of choice when it comes to a CRM. From free options, to the almost free, from sole agent to enterprise. Perhaps the most important consideration, however, is to make sure you actually use your CRM. Leads won’t manage themselves, and you’ll be drowning in emails and calendars should you try to do this task without assistance.


For this reason, perhaps the best CRM is the one that is easiest to use. Shop around, try some out, and go with the one that feels right.

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