8-Step Real Estate Lead Follow Up Plan: Part 2


Last post, we wrote how vital follow up is to closing real estate leads. Prospects won’t commit to a realtor on the first conversation, so it’s very much a game of staying in contact and building rapport until they do. The more persistent realtors get the business.

If you haven’t read that post, you can find it here. Today, we’ll continue to cover four more valuable follow-up steps that will get you in touch with leads without feeling awkward.

 Last post, we wrote how vital follow up is to closing reat estate leads.  Prospects won’t commit to a relator on the first conversation.


Follow up 5: House staging

For sellers, staging the home is incredibly important. Staged homes sell for significantly more. However, many sellers still leave it till the last minute. To get the best results, staging should be done in a considered manner.

You can follow up easily by discussing with sellers just how important house staging is, and even offering a short “checklist” of typical house staging points. For example, that the home should be free of clutter, and the walls painted in warm, welcoming colors.

No one needs a professional house stager to tell them this, but they do need a reminder. If you can get your lead to do this in good time, they will have a much easier time selling their home. As such, it’s a valid and effective follow-up conversation.



Follow up 6: Key community information

Home buyers are extremely interested in any information they can have about the area they’re moving into. As such, you can present information on key information such as transport, schools, and crime rates. Every buyer needs to research this.

We covered how to present this information in our Facebook Groups Guide. While this is a great marketing tool, it is also an excellent follow-up tool.



Follow up 7: Extra community information

Don’t just swamp leads with information all at once, though! There is a lot of information you can send on a community beyond the “need to know” facts. Data such as what the best restaurants are, community events, and even suggesting people to connect with on social media. The sheer amount of community information you can collect lends itself well to multiple follow ups.

The best part about such information is it can be ongoing. If you’re regularly updating your Facebook group with new content, you can also send these updates as follow up emails to leads.

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Some of your interactions with a lead are going to a conversation.

Follow up 8: Something completely unrelated

Some of your interactions with a lead are going to be conversation unrelated to real estate. If you’re meeting a lead to show a house or discuss their options, you’re naturally going to have polite conversation on other matters. During this conversation, if they mention they need help with something or other, take note.

A great example is they may mention needing an accountant to help with the finances caused by the sale. While technically not part of the real estate transaction, you can follow this up by booking an appointment with an accountant for them.

Because follow-up is all about raising the number of genuine interactions with a lead, these “unrelated” follow ups can be just as good as those strictly on real estate. Never overlook them.


Eight follow ups isn’t difficult

Realtors routinely fail to significantly follow up with warm leads. If they do, they often only do it once or twice. Lead follow-up, however, needn’t be difficult. It needn’t be awkward or annoying, either. At its heart, it’s simply going through a checklist of what you can do to bring something valuable to the table.

Here’s a quick recap of possible follow-ups that can occur naturally in the real estate transaction:


Perform each follow-up step, and you’ll have done enough follow up to convince most leads you’re worth doing business with.

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