5 Amazing Lending Options That are Expanding Florida’s Real Estate Market

The more options clients have, the more opportunities that you have to close the deal. How do you, as a realtor, make sure that your clients get through the home-buying process?

5 Condo Deal Killers: That Smart Agents Avoid

Here’s what you get: The contact details of every FHA-approved condo in Florida (we personally dug to put together the websites, phone numbers, & addresses for you). If the info is available, it’s on the list! The 5 issues that will kill a condo deal every time. The 5 critical questions to ask a lender to make […]

Drones and Real Estate: Elevate Your Listings

It’s official: Commercial drones are far more than kitsch. Major companies in a variety of industries, from Amazon to Facebook, have invested in drone (or Unmanned Air Vehicles) technology for a range of purposes. The real estate industry has just as much to gain from UAVs as any. Aerial photography of homes used to be […]

Making Metrics for Reaction to Market Bounces

A few months ago, many traders had an overly rosy outlook for their plans heading into 2016. Economic data remained strong, allowing for opportunities until things finally started to slow down. That was before the equities market took a hit, before oil prices dove steeply, and before China’s stock exchanges took a hit. Now those […]

Trump TRID Delays with These 4 Tips

The fears of many realtors seem to have come true at the end of 2015: The TRID (TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure), a set of regulations designed to make the mortgage process as transparent as possible for homebuyers, has actually made it more difficult to get those same buyers into a home. The delays created by the […]

Incorrect Pre-Approval Assumptions Can Ruin The Home Buying Process

It seems simple enough: You’ve qualified for a mortgage on a $300,000 home, so now every home in that price range is yours for the choosing, right? Wrong. It seems paradoxical, but many homebuyers who have been preapproved or prequalified for a mortgage are shocked to find out that they still don’t qualify for a […]

Mortgage Rates Defy Strong Jobs Report, Go Down…But for How Long?

A strong jobs report usually means mortgage rates will be on the way up as well, but the opposite happened when this week’s numbers were released. Despite the strong showing from ADP—which indicated businesses added a higher-than-expected 257,000 jobs during December—the conventional 30-year fixed quote crept back down to 4 percent for the average lender, […]

3 Musts to Turn Renters into Buyers during 2016

If prospects are considering how they’ll be living in 2016—whether to keep on renting or make the move toward homeownership—then they’ve paid attention to the rising Federal Interest Rate and how it will impact mortgage rates as well. Maybe potential buyers have been scared back toward their apartment based on the specter of higher mortgage […]

Worried About Rising Interest Rates? Here’s How to Protect Yourself Now

Many who planned on searching for a new home during 2016 were shaken by the increase of the Federal Interest Rate during December, a decision that led mortgage rates to rise accordingly. The record low financing that was available ended soon after, and it can only be theorized how far those rates will rise in […]

Helping More Homebuyers Afford their First Home

The more you help buyers get what they want, the more you can get what you want. That’s why you need to know about the Florida programs that help homebuyers afford their first home. There are more programs than most people are aware of, and the eligibility requirements are less-onerous than often assumed. All too […]

Your Blueprint for Realtor Marketing

In 2014, we helped one of our realtor partners generate 5 closings and $43,000 in commissions in just 3 weeks. What’s more—at a cost of just $2 per lead. With 523 leads generated, this short campaign only cost us around $1,445 to launch. We don’t need say how much that kind of short-term profit is […]

Automation Tools for Realtors

As a realtor, you’re as busy as anyone you know. So does working more really separate the good agents from the best? No—top agents have automation tools doing time-consuming lead generation tasks for them, so they can focus on closing. Real estate agents have three particular tools that produce great results: Email triggers, auto-texts and […]

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