Building Real Estate Prestige with Co-branding

In real estate, your reputation counts. Customers come to you to guide them through a transaction that may be most, if not all of their financial worth. Choose the wrong realtor, and they’re potentially headed for a very expensive mistake. Customers are aware of this, and look for proof that you can deliver the goods. […]

Realtors, Widen Your Advertising with this Proven Technique

Big brands have a secret: They don’t do all their own advertising. Instead, they have others advertise for them. Co-branding is when two or more brands come together to promote their products or services in a mutually beneficial way. One of the best examples of co-branding is Pepsi and Apple, who came together for a […]

How to Stand Out from the Average Real Estate Agent with Co-branding

As a realtor, what are your options to stand out from the competition? Lower rates? Probably not. Better service? You can do that. More experience in getting homes sold? Certainly. Yet ultimately, your competitors can also copy any of these advantages. While you can proclaim high experience, customers don’t perceive much difference between a realtor […]

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