4 Ways Financing Can Beat Cash Offers

The most relevant information for home sellers, usually, is “how much.” The buyer who offers the most typically comes away with the property. But there’s another aspect that sellers need to consider: “How,” as in, “how will you be making that payment?” Why? Isn’t money the same, regardless of method? Unfortunately not. When shopping for […]

Nine Days Makes A Trend: Rates Rise in Anticipation of December

There are day-to-day rate changes, and then there are trends. It’s looking increasingly likely that the continuing increase in mortgage rates is, unfortunately for homebuyers, the latter. As of Tuesday, numbers had increased for nine consecutive days, breaking the relaxed stasis of low rates that pervaded the summer. Currently, the average rate of a 30-year […]

Buying AND Selling At The Same Time: 3 Tips for Balancing

Most people expect that buying your first home will be a stressful experience. Between competing bids and arranging a mortgage to finance your new property, there’s plenty to be nervous about. What fewer people realize is that buying your second home doesn’t necessarily become less stressful just because you’ve done it once before. Instead, it […]

Possible Euro “Taper Tantrum” Taints American Rates

We may have needed a reminder in recent weeks that mortgage rates are based on more than mere national interests. Things were looking good for a spurt: The Federal Reserve had rejected a rise in the Federal Rate until at least December the the bond market was leaning toward lower rates as well. Everything in […]

How to Manage Your Student Debt and Qualify for A Mortgage

Let’s get the good news out of the way: You can get a mortgage, even if you hold student loan debt. Very often, you’ll see pessimistic posts (including at this site) suggesting that student loan debt hampers your ability to become a homeowner. Hampers…maybe. Outright prevents? Not at all. In fact, numbers released by Fannie […]

Surprise! Rates Only Getting Lower After Fed Stays in Neutral

Last week we suggested that The Fed had set us up for a run of low mortgage rates and we weren’t wrong: The average lender is currently offering the lowest rates of the past two months, coming in or around 3.375 percent on a 30-year fixed rate loan. The big news last week was The […]

The Fed’s Big Announcement: Still Waiting for A Rise

We were sitting on the edge of our seats Wednesday, waiting to find out what The Fed had to say and, consequently, what kind of news we would be passing along to you. Some were anticipating that the once inevitable rate increase(s) of 2016 would finally become official in September. They were wrong. “Information received […]

Airbnb and Refinance Troubles: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

You may have seen in the news that Uber is creating controversy in many cities across the United States. Generally, this involves sanctioned cab drivers protesting that Uber allows almost anyone with a car to become a driver, however those drivers are labelled as “freelancers” or “contractors” rather than employees, which allows Uber to save […]

4 Ways to Make Sure You Close on Your Home in Time

Buying a home can be much like your favorite baseball team’s pitching rotation. You may have done everything right during the first eight innings, setting yourself up to win the game, but then you bring in the closer. No matter how well your team has done so far, a last moment blunder can still derail […]

Bonds Market Fall Tips Mortgage Rates Up…For Now

After a brief spurt of increase last week, it seems that a rise in mortgage rates may become more solid in weeks to come. As of Tuesday, most lenders were offering 30-year fixed rates of 3.5 to 3.625 percent, up from the 3.375 percent rate that we have gotten used to during Summer 2016. Even […]

Weak Jobs Report Weakens Chance for Rate Rise in September

Mortgage rates had a rough and tumble week since the last time we spoke. Well, at least in terms of relative history. All’s well that ends well, however, and things seem to have ended well enough for the time being. If someone didn’t read the news for the last week and then compared last week’s […]

Deadline Approaching: Don’t Overpay on 2016 Property Taxes

As a Florida homeowner, you should have received documents recently—the Notice of Proposed Property Taxes (or TRIM, “Truth in Millage”)—to inform you of how much you’ll owe in property taxes for the next year. It’s not the most welcomed piece of mail, to be sure, but it’s one that you definitely need to take the […]

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