Janet Yellen’s Jackson Hole Speech Doesn’t Guarantee Anything

“I believe the case for an increase in the federal funds rate has strengthened in recent months.” This quote appeared in more stories over the weekend than perhaps any other. Maybe not your front page news headlines, but when Janet Yellen takes a rather aggressive stance on the likelihood of raising The Fed’s interest rate […]

Scouting Boom Neighborhoods Before They Hatch: Increase Your Equity

Equity is great, and every homeowner wants more of it. This is the value of the home that you own, minus any remaining loan payments you owe. So if you have a $250,000 home and owe $50,000, you have equity of $200,000. Most homeowners don’t start out with very much equity, needing financial assistance to […]

Nothing to Report on Mortgage Rates…Which Means There May Soon Be Something to Report

Mortgage rates are going. Positively. Nowhere. And that’s a heck of a lot better than negatively nowhere. Once again, mortgage rates—and basically all forms of standardized interest rates—are traveling sideways. Not up, not down, and that makes reading a weekly column such as this one somewhat boring. And, to quote Millennials (who should potentially be […]

Fed Minutes Suggest Rates Rise May…or May Not…Happen Soon

After the minutes were released from The Fed’s July meeting (which occurred Wednesday), it was once again implied that nothing much would be happening in the immediate future. How one defines “immediate future” changes the meaning of that sentence, however, and only Janet Yellen and co. know exactly what they mean. What we know for […]

Refinance Pitfalls That Can Cost You Cash

We brought up the topic of refinancing in a post last month, and listed four reasons why this might be a smart move for you as a borrower. If you’ve decided to refinance—to lower your interest rate or lock in your current rate—now all you need to do is visit your lender, and tell them […]

Ben Bernanke Suggests A Long Wait for Raised Rates

Things haven’t been all that steady in the last week for mortgage rates; on Friday, August 5, they peaked at their highest levels in the post-Brexit era. But they didn’t stay there for too long. As of August 10, they’re back into the nice range that homebuyers have been enjoying for the last few months, […]

Understanding Home Insurance Myths: What Do You Need, and What Will It Cover?

Those looking to buy their first home will face plenty of difficult decisions—how much are you willing to spend and what are the best options for financing that home in the long run? The result is that many don’t put as much effort as they should when selecting a home insurance policy to protect that […]

Rates Dip…and So Did Mortgage Applications. Why?

Over the last week, average mortgage interest rates have dropped slightly after a slight uptick. Still, the fall in applications continued. “Purchase application volume continues to run ahead of last year’s pace, but after growing quite strongly in the first half of the year, the rate of improvement has decelerated this summer,” said Lynn Fisher, […]

4 Ways to Bid Better in A Competitive Housing Market

If you’ve kept up to date with the news, you know that mortgage rates are low. So low that they’re approaching historic levels. It’s logical to assume that as mortgage rates get lower, the number of people applying for them is getting higher. National numbers confirm this. Redfin reports that the housing market during June […]

4 Reasons Why Refinancing May Be Right for You Right Now

Have you ever reconsidered refinancing your home? Many people cover their ears when they hear the term “refinance,” based on how stressful they found refinancing their home the first time! There can be many benefits to refinancing, however. We’ve listed four different situations why a refinance might work to your advantage. If one of these […]

Murky Fed Meeting Leaves Plenty of Mortgage Rate Guesswork

Rates have started heading in the upward direction but how long they’ll stay there is anybody’s guess. Granted, by “upward,” we mean to 3.44 percent, where we currently stand. However, that’s much higher than the 3.375 percent we reported last week. Right after publication, those rates jumped to where they currently sit and they’ve been […]

Understanding Cosigner Myths: Will A Second Signer Work for You?

There’s nothing we know better than that it can be tough to get a mortgage, whether that’s because of student debt or having your credit score just a little too low. Actually, there is one thing we know better than that: There are plenty of solutions to help you get into a home, if you […]

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