Shopping Interest Rates: A Primer

Getting a better rate on a home mortgage loan can save you plenty. And it doesn’t have to be a lot better. Because a mortgage is a long-term loan, small percentage changes in the interest rate add up to big dollar differences with the passage of time. Shopping for a better rate is worth some […]

Real Estate Information You Can’t Get From Zillow

Zillow is the most popular real estate site on the Internet but sometimes its main function seems to be to misinform its millions of visitors. For unsuspecting home buyers and home sellers, Zillow can lead them astray about as often as it leads them to knowledge. Zestimate Schmestimate The Zestimate, Zillow’s famed automated home value […]

South Florida Cash Real Estate Sales Falling Off a Cliff

Cash sales of South Florida homes didn’t exactly go on total lockdown during April. But buyers sporting all-cash offers weren’t nearly as common the streets as before COVID, either. Just 11.1 percent of single-family transactions closed in Broward County were for cash during April, according to figures from Miami Realtors. That is off 44.1 percent from […]