#FakeNews and Mortgage Lending: Learn The Truth and Save Big on New Homes

  It’s been the most popular hashtag of the past few years: “#FakeNews.” Reach Home Loans is definitely not going to get into a political conversation here, but we know that there is plenty of #FakeNews floating around the internet, especially when it comes to our industry—mortgage lending.   Sometimes believing #FakeNews makes you look […]

5 Mortgage Options Offered by Reach Home Loans, and The Miami Dolphins They Match

  Labor Day has passed, the Marlins are way out of contention, and there’s a bit of a nip in the air (only a high of 87 as we write this). It’s time for football season!   Football is among our favorite sports at Reach Home Loans, because no other sport demonstrates how a collection […]

Banks Vs. Non-Banks: Which is Better for YOUR Mortgage Needs?

  If you want to buy a home, odds are that you’ll need a mortgage to help you afford it. If this is the case, here’s first question you’ll answer in your mortgage search: “Do I want to use a bank or non-bank lender?” Many people assume that banks are the way to go. After […]

How to Fix Your Student Loan Debt Situation to Qualify for A Mortgage!

  Parents have a tendency to tell you how much tougher things were “back in my day.” That may be true when it comes to ordering things online, but it is certainly not true when it comes to paying for college tuition. College Board showed that yearly tuition at state universities had more than tripled […]

4 Ways to Not Pay Mortgage Insurance…WITHOUT Putting 20% Down

  Regardless of the topic, you’ll see one piece of advice repeatedly in this blog: Put down as much as you can on your new home. It means you’ll need to borrow less, and that could make qualifying easier if you’ve got previous credit hiccups. Almost as important, a 20% down payment is the standard […]

Mortgage Pre-Approval or Pre-Qualification? What do Realtors and Sellers Want?

  So you’re ready to start looking for a new home! You’re loosely familiar with the steps you should take. You’re going to need financing to purchase a home, so you should get Pre-Approved before you look. Or, wait…maybe you should get Pre-Qualified before you look? It’s definitely one of them, but which one?   […]

4 Ways Realtors Save You Time and Money When Buying A New Home

  On any given day, you can drive around and see “For Sale” signs and advertisements for open houses. You can literally walk into almost any property and make a bid. So why would you hire a Realtor?   We’ve got four answers to that question, in terms of how a Realtor helps you as […]

Fixed-Rate, or Adjustable-Rate Mortgage? What is The Best Option for YOU?

  This is a common conversation had with first-time homebuyers: How are you going to pay for your home? “With a mortgage!”   That’s the easy answer…most people can’t afford to get into a new home without some financing. It’s important to understand, however, that there are a wide range of mortgage options available to […]

Self-Employed? Follow These Tips and Qualify for A Mortgage; Income, Deductions, and More!

  Nothing comes easy for the self-employed. Although you may not need to deal with a boss, you face other struggles when you own your business. Fighting for clients with bigger competitors…managing the legal bureaucracy…maintaining a safety net for slow periods.   Here’s another task that is more of a challenge for business owners: getting […]

6 Ways to Get Denied A Mortgage After Pre-Approval: New Cars, New Jobs, More

You walk out of your lender’s office, and everything seems a little bit brighter.   You’ve just been Pre-Approved for a mortgage! You’ve done your research and know exactly what home you want to buy, and it’s within the budget established within your Pre-Approval Letter. There is literally nothing stopping you from buying the home […]

5 Ways to Win Bidding Wars on Foreclosures, Short Sales, Other Value Homes

  Last week, we explored five ways that you can find great values on homes, even in a seller’s market. As we hinted, however, the current demand for homes means that you’re going to face competition when bidding for these properties. You’re not the only one looking to get a great deal on a home! […]

5 Ways to Get A Great Deal on A New Home…Even in A Seller’s Market

  It’s a seller’s market, and home buyers are the ones who have to pay the price. Literally.   More and more people are hitting the housing market during 2018, and the supply of properties available are not enough to meet the demand. This puts sellers in a position on power, able to ask above-average […]