Should You Consider Refinancing?

Refinancing your home shouldn’t be daunting or intimidating, especially when it’s the soundest decision to make in a given situation. Most people hesitate when considering refinancing, probably because they don’t have access to enough information to be familiar with it.   Refinancing your mortgage isn’t necessarily a bad idea. However, there are some situations where […]

The Reach Home Loans Christmas Carol: Work in The Past, Present, and Future for a Great Mortgage!

  The Reach Home Loans Christmas Carol, starring: Brandon Brotsky as Brandon Brotskrooge Adam Stephens as The Ghost of Adam Stephens Gian Bavaro as The Ghost of Mortgage Preparation Past Justin Froelich as The Ghost of Mortgage Preparation Present Byron Richie as The Ghost of Mortgage Yet-To-Come   Stephens was dead to begin with. Sorry, […]

Why Waiting to Too Long to Buy Can Hurt Your Retirement Chances

One piece of wisdom that you hear more often than not: “Patience is a virtue.” This is especially true when it comes to major purchases, such as a home or automobile. After all, you should never rush when spending that much money. But “being patient” is very different from simply “taking too long.” A 2016 […]

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HomeReady, Home Possible. What Mortgage Program is Best for YOU?

  You want to buy a home, and you’re looking to get some assistance with your mortgage. You’ve probably heard of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but odds are you don’t know the difference. And, frankly, it doesn’t really matter to you as a homebuyer. There’s only one real difference that’s relevant to borrowers, and […]

Big or Small Down Payment? What’s Best For You, Based on Rates, Location, Retirement and More!

  If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve probably heard us advise to put down 20% or more on a down payment if possible. We highly recommend this option if possible…but the truth is that there are some cases where putting down a smaller down payment is a better option for you. It’s […]

The Countdown Is On! How to Find and Close a New Home Before Your Pre-Approval Expires!

  So you’ve been approved for a mortgage. Congratulations! It may be tempting to take a break…after all, you’ve done a lot of work researching your best loan options and getting your paperwork together.  But you shouldn’t slack off yet!   A Pre-Approval Letter doesn’t last forever. In fact, it usually only lasts between 60 […]

Uber, Lyft, Airbnb…How to Get A Mortgage While Working The “Gig Economy”

  Freelancers have long gotten by without a salary. They offer their services to clients on a case-by-case basis, manage their revenue, pay their taxes, and strategize to ensure they have enough to get by. They refer to themselves as “self-employed.” A new classification of freelancers has emerged in the past decade, however: The “gig […]

5 Reasons You May Want to Refinance: Save Cash or Even Save Your Home

  The idea of “refinancing” makes some people wince. Getting their first mortgage involved a lot of research and paperwork…why jump through all those hoops again? If you worked with a quality broker the first time, why would you repeat the process?   Refinancing doesn’t necessarily mean going from a “bad situation” to a “good […]

#FakeNews and Mortgage Lending: Learn The Truth and Save Big on New Homes

  It’s been the most popular hashtag of the past few years: “#FakeNews.” Reach Home Loans is definitely not going to get into a political conversation here, but we know that there is plenty of #FakeNews floating around the internet, especially when it comes to our industry—mortgage lending.   Sometimes believing #FakeNews makes you look […]

Fixed-Rate, or Adjustable-Rate Mortgage? What is The Best Option for YOU?

  This is a common conversation had with first-time homebuyers: How are you going to pay for your home? “With a mortgage!”   That’s the easy answer…most people can’t afford to get into a new home without some financing. It’s important to understand, however, that there are a wide range of mortgage options available to […]

Self-Employed? Follow These Tips and Qualify for A Mortgage; Income, Deductions, and More!

  Nothing comes easy for the self-employed. Although you may not need to deal with a boss, you face other struggles when you own your business. Fighting for clients with bigger competitors…managing the legal bureaucracy…maintaining a safety net for slow periods.   Here’s another task that is more of a challenge for business owners: getting […]

5 Ways to Win Bidding Wars on Foreclosures, Short Sales, Other Value Homes

  Last week, we explored five ways that you can find great values on homes, even in a seller’s market. As we hinted, however, the current demand for homes means that you’re going to face competition when bidding for these properties. You’re not the only one looking to get a great deal on a home! […]

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