Different Types of Home Loans | Here’s a Quick Explainer

Planning on taking advantage of the current market to buy a home? Perhaps you’re researching different home financing options? Indeed, you came to the right place. There are various home loan products out there. As with anything involving heavy financing, it’s important to put some thought into what home loan to choose. After all, you’ll […]

The Countdown Is On! How to Find and Close a New Home Before Your Pre-Approval Expires!

  So you’ve been approved for a mortgage. Congratulations! It may be tempting to take a break…after all, you’ve done a lot of work researching your best loan options and getting your paperwork together.  But you shouldn’t slack off yet!   A Pre-Approval Letter doesn’t last forever. In fact, it usually only lasts between 60 […]

Want to Own A Home by The Time You’re 30? We Answer All Your Tweeted Questions!

Australia is undergoing a bit of a housing crisis, with the average home in Sydney costing 12.2 times the household income. Malcolm Turnbull, the prime minister, put himself in hot water when he responded to complaints that it was near impossible for young people to buy a first home. “You should shell out for them. […]

Want Lower Monthly Mortgage Payments? Check Out These 3 Options!

Are you a homeowner? Have you looked at your mortgage options in the last 12 months? Why not? We’ve got six big words for why staying on top of these options is a benefit to anyone with a mortgage: You can lower your monthly payments! Many of us have heard the phrase “refinancing” but don’t […]

Instagram for Realtors: 4 Steps to Building Content and Grabbing Views

Building an Instagram page for your real estate business is about more than just taking great photos. It’s about making people look at those great photos.

5 Amazing Lending Options That are Expanding Florida’s Real Estate Market

The more options clients have, the more opportunities that you have to close the deal. How do you, as a realtor, make sure that your clients get through the home-buying process?

5 Condo Deal Killers: That Smart Agents Avoid

Here’s what you get: The contact details of every FHA-approved condo in Florida (we personally dug to put together the websites, phone numbers, & addresses for you). If the info is available, it’s on the list! The 5 issues that will kill a condo deal every time. The 5 critical questions to ask a lender to make […]

Helping More Homebuyers Afford their First Home

The more you help buyers get what they want, the more you can get what you want. That’s why you need to know about the Florida programs that help homebuyers afford their first home. There are more programs than most people are aware of, and the eligibility requirements are less-onerous than often assumed. All too […]

Your Blueprint for Realtor Marketing

In 2014, we helped one of our realtor partners generate 5 closings and $43,000 in commissions in just 3 weeks. What’s more—at a cost of just $2 per lead. With 523 leads generated, this short campaign only cost us around $1,445 to launch. We don’t need say how much that kind of short-term profit is […]

Automation Tools for Realtors

As a realtor, you’re as busy as anyone you know. So does working more really separate the good agents from the best? No—top agents have automation tools doing time-consuming lead generation tasks for them, so they can focus on closing. Real estate agents have three particular tools that produce great results: Email triggers, auto-texts and […]

Facebook Groups for Realtors

Facebook is a gold mine of real estate leads. You don’t need me to tell you just how many people use it every day. However, lead generation on Facebook follows its own rules: Your best outcomes are achieved by using the strengths of the medium. Facebook groups are how you can generate thousands of leads […]

Zillow Reviews for Realtors

If you want to be found online, you need to be found on Zillow. Zillow determines who gets found by customer reviews—the more reviews, the higher your rank. The higher you rank, the more leads you get. In 2010, we saw where Zillow was heading—becoming the biggest online website for homebuyers. Now, after that prediction […]

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