SHIP: What you need to know about Florida’s State Housing Initiative Partnership

If you live in Florida, SHIP is something that you need to know about. SHIP provides down payment and closing cost assistance to low or moderate-income homeowners. SHIP differs from the Florida First Time Homebuyer Program in that it is not directly run by Florida Housing. Instead, local governments are granted funds, with some stipulations […]

Fed Hints At Rate Rises “Fairly Soon,” Mortgage Market Reacts

This week’s mortgage rates gravitated around the Federal Reserve…which seems like one of the more obvious sentences that we’ve ever typed. But what if we told you that rates also reacted to the state of the bond market? Yeah, still doesn’t seem like anything too dramatic, but don’t let the “normal” news mislead you: Rates […]

8 Essential Steps for Buying A Home

Buying a home is something many people dream of for years. The thought of being handed the keys, and stepping through the front door to what will become your castle, the place where perhaps you’ll raise a family, is the stuff that dreams are made of. And then you find out just how complex that […]

Three-Month Low, Three-Week High: Mortgage Rates in February

No sooner do we get done sharing some good news with you that things reverse direction. Last Thursday we reported that a few days of dropping rates had brought the average offering down to a three-month low. The very next day began what is currently a five-day streak of rises, resulting in what is currently […]

Act Now to Save Up to $1,000 with The Florida Homestead Exemption!

Do you own a home, condominium, co-op apartment or even mobile home in Florida? There’s a chance that you qualify for the Florida Homestead Exemption, a piece of tax relief that was worth anywhere between $625 and $1,050 is this correct? for residents of Broward County during 2016. How do you qualify for this great […]

Peace of Mind as Rates Back Down to 3-Month Lows

Who knows what to believe anymore? This isn’t a comment on political opinions (you can go to other blogs for that). This is a comment on finance, and what-the-heck is going on with mortgage rates. Not that we—nor homebuyers—should be complaining. All indications seemed to suggest that things were only going to go up from […]

Is Paying Off Your Mortgage Early A Good Idea?

Alexander Hamilton has been popular recently, so we’ll let him give you some wise words on debt: “A national debt will be to us a national blessing, if it is not excessive.” The father of American economics may never have taken out a mortgage, but he would have understood that such a debt would be […]

Nature of The Beast: Good Jobs Mean Worse Mortgage Rates

One of the hottest topics of any given election season is the unemployment rate and which candidate is going to do more to improve it. The logic typically flows that voters will opt for the politician who has more promise for lowering that rate. Of course, if those voters are in the market for a […]

Week Almost Guarantees Mortgage Rates Won’t Return to Former Lows

There’s no use trying to sugarcoat it this week: The trend is upward, not down. Predicting such things is usually a conservative game—don’t predict as much as report what’s already happened—but there doesn’t seem to be much chance of rates dipping below 4 percent again during 2017 (now, the reason why prognosticators take such a […]

Will South Florida House Prices Rise in 2017? How to Buy in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade Counties

Last year was a good one for buying a home. Mortgage rates stayed at some of the literal lowest rates in history for extended periods of time, and the Federal Reserve Board failed to follow through with any of its proposed rate rises (until December). Then things got a little more muddled late in the […]

2017’s Most Dramatic Mortgage Day Wasn’t That Exciting

You may have noticed during 2016—whether it comes to weather, sports, politics….anything, really—that the way you frame the news makes a huge difference in how others interpret it. The good news for you is that The Stephens-Brotsky Group doesn’t make money by creating click-bait headlines, so we’ll advise you in advance not to be worried […]

Is An Adjustable Rate Mortgage A Strong Option in 2017?

It’s common to refer to two varieties when speaking about mortgages—fixed rate and adjustable rate—almost out of habit. But the truth is that adjustable rate mortgages, or ARMs, haven’t been popular for some time. If you go back to 2005, nearly 40 percent of mortgages originated were adjustable rate. Ten years later, in 2015, and […]

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