Cost-Effective Options for Professional Real Estate Marketing Videos


Here’s a surprise: The three-week Facebook video marketing campaign we used to generate $43,000 in commissions for one of our realtor partners used stock video costing under $100. We didn’t hire anyone to create expensive animation, and we didn’t have cute characters. What we had—was stock footage of houses.

And it worked.

Truth is you don’t need to pay a lot for a great video. What’s good artistically is often very different to what generates sales. What generates sales is also a lot less expensive than fancy animation. Let’s look at what works.

Show people what they want

Your viewers are looking for hope. They want to see the homes they’re looking to buy, and believe they will be in their own home soon, too.

This is why stock images are effective. Viewers aren’t looking to buy flashy animations—they’re looking to buy a home. So at the start of the video and in the copy you use to advertise it with, show clear images of exactly what you’re offering.

Don’t get in the way of the offer

When choosing video, remember to not get in the way of the offer. You don’t need shots of actors, you don’t need shots of your firm, you don’t need shots of handshakes—you just need what you’re selling: The ability to buy a home. Simple, attractive footage of houses that won’t distract from the offer you’re presenting.

Along the same lines, keep the video relevant to your market: While sweeping footage of waterfront luxury homes looks good, it probably won’t resonate if you’re hooking people up with foreclosures. In this case, the luxury homes are so outside your viewer’s expectations that they can’t imagine themselves in that position.

10 good options for stock video

Once you’re ready to start looking for stock footage, there are many sources you can draw from. We’ll end this post with a (non-exhaustive) list of some websites to look up:

–  iStock:
–  ShutterStock
–  Revostock
–  Pond5:
–  Ghetty Images:
–  Fotosearch:
–  Videohive:
–  T3 Media:
–  Motion Elements:

As you can imagine, there is a huge amount of real estate stock footage out there. With a little digging you’ll be able to create an effective—and unique real estate marketing video, without spending much money.

And if you want further advice on how to create an effective real estate marketing video, don’t hesitate to download our white paper, Your Blueprint for Realtor Marketing that made $43,000 in Three Weeks.

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