Drones and Real Estate: Elevate Your Listings


It’s official: Commercial drones are far more than kitsch. Major companies in a variety of industries, from Amazon to Facebook, have invested in drone (or Unmanned Air Vehicles) technology for a range of purposes. The real estate industry has just as much to gain from UAVs as any.

Aerial photography of homes used to be a luxury for realtors, only available to the biggest in the business, but the growth of the drone market has flipped that on its head. Now nearly anyone can get photos and videos of sky-views of their properties just as easily as they can get them for the interior.

Have you been considering bringing a drone into the fold to boost your real estate business? Here are four reasons why taking your business skyward has major benefits.


Better Views of The Entire Property


Source: Jabil

Traditional home photography has always been somewhat limited when attempting to capture the entire property. Sure, you can take photos of the house, the gardens in the back, and the pond toward the back of the yard, and then string them all into a slideshow, but what if you could get them all in one great shot?

That’s the most obvious advantage to drone photography or video. A home with acres of land can be condensed into one glorious shot, and doesn’t require an expert at the remote control to make it happen. This technique delivers dimension and an attractive angle that Google Maps can only dream of.

Still hung up on the idea that the aforementioned photo slideshow is just as good? If you only have a moment to grab someone’s attention online, a quick video will impress while saving the effort of scrolling through photos. The National Association of Realtors has statistics to back it up: 73 percent of homeowners are more likely to list with a realtor who uses videos and—wait for it—listings with video receive a 400 percent boost to inquiries. Even if a shopper doesn’t like the home in one video, they’re that much more likely to stay on your site to look at others.


Better Views of The Surrounding Area

Location, location, location. That’s old news.

What’s new? You can now include the almighty location in photographs and videos of the home you’re selling. Using the same technique described above, you can capture local landmarks and the surrounding area.

Capturing the neighborhood’s best features can be a dealbreaker for buyers. Is the home just a few blocks back from a beautiful beach? Now buyers can see the proximity. Is there a nice golf course nearby? Catch the duffer’s eye with a strategic shot. The Hollywood sign might be visible from a home in Beverly Hills, but only a drone allows you to catch both targets in the same shot, thanks to its airborne abilities.

A neighborhood shot can do more than just show off local amenities however. Parents want to know that they’re children will be playing in a safe area, and aerial footage can capture this.


Professional Quality of Video

That ability to reach a far wider range of angles and views than a traditional aerial provider—such as helicopters—creates greater potential for more professional video presentations.

Whether you choose to create your videos using a professional editor or by assembling them yourself, drone footage can be intercut with video from inside the home, making for a nice package, displaying all of the property’s charms.

The example below is obviously an outlier in terms of excellent quality—It’s a $45 million dollar home in a beautiful location. But given access to the home, an amateur could have produced the same video. All outdoor shots of the property were created using a drone.


More Affordable…and Even Profitable

It’s no surprise that using a drone for aerial photography is a cheaper option than hiring out a conventional aircraft. Investing in a professional grade UAV will cost at least $1,250, but compare that to the old method and the return-on-investment is obvious. If you’re wary of operating a drone yourself, major markets now have plenty of “pilots” willing to lend their services and machinery to take aerial photography for you.


Source: Intella

If you were to purchase your own drone with the the intent to operate it yourself, there’s opportunity to profit as well. Some qualified realtors now make money on the side by lending out their services to others in the real estate business. You may not be able to grab every customer looking to sell a home, but this is a nice opportunity to take a cut.

Drones may have seemed like an exotic option several years ago, but trends and tides have pushed them to the fore. The quality of video and photos that they can produce for your listings is unprecedented, and they offer a variety of ways to break into the market—either by hiring professional operators or by investing in your own drone. Consider what a UAV can do for the next property you put on the market.

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