How to Use Your Website FAQs to Generate Real Estate Leads


If you’re anything like most people with a business website, you have FAQs, but you didn’t put a whole lot of effort into them. Just think up a few questions and quickly type up some answers. Are they even taken seriously?

Yes, they are. In fact, FAQs are one of the most frequented areas on a website.

Even more, they’re often the first thing visitors read. FAQs are found in search engines just as often as any other website content. They’re especially found when people start looking for the how and the why of a particular topic. FAQs, condensed to get across the facts, rank particularly well for these searches. Even if a lead comes to your website via the normal landing page, there’s a good chance the “too long, didn’t read” reflex will see them skipping to the FAQ to get the broad overview of the topic. 

If you want to convert the maximum number of leads from your real estate website, you need to optimize your FAQs like they’re the only thing people read (which, sometimes, is true). Here’s how.


SEO your FAQs 

stat_1FAQ may as well stand for Frequently Searched Question. Leads are most interested in the questions they most want to know—i.e. what they Google search.

Keyword research is great for this. If your leads are commonly searching (for example) “Best prices for luxury homes in Florida” then your FAQ should mirror the search—“What’s the best price for a luxury home in Florida?” It’s not particularly poetic, and might even be a silly question, but this FAQ will show right up on a search, and is one of the easiest ways to legitimately SEO your website.stat_2

None of your FAQs should be questions you just made up when designing your website. You should always write FAQs that match how people find your website. To make doubly sure you’re on the mark, every few months or so take a look at how leads are finding your website, and confirm that your FAQs are still relevant.


Justify each FAQ 

Because FAQs will sometimes be the first and occasionally last thing your leads read, you need to justify your FAQs with enough evidence to stand alone. For example, this is a good FAQ, based on the preceding search engine query:

What’s the best price for a luxury home in Florida?

“The best price for a luxury home in Florida depends on the area in which you are looking to buy. While a state average can certainly be reached, the real number is different across neighborhoods.

To demonstrate this difference, in Quarter 4 2014, the average luxury home price in Miami Beach, Fl was $8,337,000. Conversely, the average luxury home price in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl was (only) $2,353,000. That’s a big difference!

If you’d like to know more about the current state of the Florida luxury home market, call me on 305-000-0000.”

Such an FAQ includes plenty of evidence to justify your position (that you need to look closer at locations), and illustrates your expertise on the matter.


Include a call to action in each FAQ 

Notice how that FAQ ended with a call to action. Often overlooked, but is huge. If people are coming to your FAQs from a Google search, they’re going to read what interests them, and then what…? You never want to leave a lead to their own devices. You’ve just given them value—answered a real question they have. Now is the perfect time to ask them to reciprocate. 


The call to action can be either a single sentence on the end of each FAQ, as in the preceding example, or sprinkle a call to action between every few FAQs. Which method is best will depend on the number of FAQs you have, as well as how different in topic each FAQ is. While you may not want to spam a CTA in each FAQ if you have ten of them on the page, you also want to make sure they are read—leads will often only read the few FAQs they’re actually interested in. What works best for you is up to your judgment.


Three steps to converting leads with FAQs 

how-to-increase-lead-to-customer-conversion-rates-with-lead-nurturing-33-728When you look back on these three steps, they’re perfectly logical. Make sure your FAQs are relevant to what leads are searching for, justify your FAQs so those leads read a complete argument, and ask those leads to take the next step.

So the next time you write your FAQs, look at them from the perspective of converting leads. Don’t treat them as an afterthought. They’re just as important to conversions as any other section of your website.

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