Other People’s Facebook Groups: Are They Relevant?


Earlier this month, we released a white paper on how to build your own Facebook group that positions you as the neighborhood expert realtor. We also gave you a blueprint for a report to get it set up.

But when you go into Facebook, you’re not the only fish in the sea. There are thousands of other Facebook groups, many related to your real estate territory. What do you do about them? Ignore them and go on your merry way?

Of course not.

Used well, other Facebook groups can be sources of cross-promotion, and help you grow. You’re not in competition. With a great reason to join your own group (hyperlink to blueprint post), people you’re interested in will join both groups.


Source: www.studio1c.com

Find other local groups

In your neighborhood, there are probably dozens, maybe even hundreds of different Facebook groups to join. These might range from other realtor groups, to sporting groups, charities and professional associations.

So the first step is to find them. Who’s in your neighborhood “space”? There are two methods here to find out. The straightforward is to simply do a search on Facebook for your neighborhood name or zip code.

The more sneaky (and direct) way is to check out what groups prominent people in your neighborhood are members of.

Join relevant groups

Thumb Up SignOnce you find groups, you can look into joining them. Getting to know people is a great way to start making yourself better known. Of course, be polite – when you’ve just joined a group is not the time to push your own group. Rather, give reasons for people to listen to you by being helpful.

Once you’ve got some friends and followers, you can interest them by publishing your own content on your Facebook page. Don’t overtly push it to people, but let them discover. If you publish regularly, people are bound to take notice.



Start local events

Once you have made contact, you can think about some local events. Don’t just think real estate, either. What are some original, fun events you could help sponsor? Are there local charities you could support? Supporting charities is a great way to become interesting to those who wouldn’t normally look at you, not to mention the great work you’ll be doing for those less fortunate.

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