(Part 1) Instagram Essentials for Realtors: Finding Your Target Audience


Thanks to its emphasis on beautiful images, there’s no social media platform that’s better suited for realtors. There’s more to using Instagram than just creating a pretty photo, however. This series of blog posts will help you understand how to make Instagram work for your business.

adamInstagram is a great place for anyone to post photographs for their friends to peruse and enjoy. Real estate agencies, as a business, don’t have “friends” in the traditional sense. Companies with Instagram accounts must assume that the average viewer of their page is someone who is actually interested in finding real estate in that market.

The most important goal then is not to create stunning content (this should also be a goal, of course, just not the primary one), but to find a way to steer your target audience to that content. The answer is advertising.


Instagram, and indeed any social media platform, is essentially a free form of advertising unto itself. Once your potential clients lock onto your page or—even better—give you a follow, you’ll be getting free attention for years. However, that form of marketing only works if your potential clients find it for the first time. This is where Instagram’s actual advertising process comes into play.

If you’re familiar with advertising on Facebook, you’re just a few steps from understanding Instagram’s methodology. The former owns the latter, which means that it shares the other superstar social media platform’s advertising system. You can choose to display your company via photos, photo “carousels,” or 60-second videos.

targeting-on-instagramThe simplicity of the setup makes it easy for realtors to find their ideal targets. One of the quickest ways to find someone looking for a new home is to click the “first time homebuyer” option when selecting the kind of audience your ad should be aimed at. Both Facebook and Instagram can accurately aggregate this information about its users, and target your ads accordingly thanks to their algorithms, which utilize third-party data collection. Instagram’s “call-to-action” buttons are nice because they can also bring an interested viewer directly to your website—not just to your Instagram profile.

It’s not a miracle worker, however. If you’re based in Sun City, AZ (a community where 85 percent of the population is more than 60), there’s simply no way that you’re going to attract a clientele of twentysomethings. Therefore it’s almost as important to use Instagram’s capabilities to figure out who your true audience is, and adjust accordingly.

Instagram utilizes Facebook Insights to allow business owners to browse essential data on who their advertisements are reaching. This includes information such as age, gender, geographic location and even relationship status. This can help you find your niche and take advantage of it.

Are you aiming to attract single twentysomethings, or married couples looking to build a family? If you’re a Miami real estate agent, maybe you’ve noticed that your most attentive fanbase is actually in Hialeah. That may mean posting physical advertisements in that area. Maybe you’re a Miami real estate agent and your biggest group of followers is in Beijing! Add some Mandarin captions to appeal to those looking to buy a vacation home abroad.

This photo shows literally nothing from the interior of this listing. But that beach is a selling point on its own.

This photo shows literally nothing from the interior of this listing. But that beach is a selling point on its own.

Maybe the people looking at your page aren’t exactly the kind of clients you that imagined when you got started. No problem. You can always go back to the ad manager and switch things up, accordingly. Are your current ads aimed at twentysomethings, but only attracting fiftysomethings? Just make the tweak and bring the views pouring in.

Ultimately, running an Instagram page comes down to the quality of your content. Understanding where you stand among different demographics on social media should be a huge influence on what your content is. Post pictures of homes that appeal to your followers, or approach homes from an angle that appeals to those followers.

Understanding how to target potential clients via Instagram advertising is the bait, and great content is the hook. Make sure that you don’t let a big sale get away.

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