Pending Impact of NLRB Ruling


A recent ruling from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has worried many that it will impact homebuilding.  What’s not 100 percent clear is if it will affect the traditional subcontractor relationship.  

There are many cases that will have an effect on using contractors like homebuilders.  Before the recession even hit, companies were utilizing contract and temporary workers.  This is a great way to step away from staffing buildups and layoffs, as the market fluctuates with the consistency and inventory of work.

Most believe that outsourcing is a way to manage a staff efficiently while others think that it’s a way to avoid giving workers normal employee benefits that come along with an employed job.  These are just a few things being fought in this ruling from the NLRB.

Where homebuilders come into play here is that the majority of home construction is done by subcontractors, so you can see why some are worried.  Based off of a few interviews that were conducted, it doesn’t seem like builder reps are too thrown off by this though.

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