The Importance of Bragging


Everyone wants to deal with a successful agent. It’s important to show your success. So while it’s a little tongue in cheek—it’s important to brag.

And I don’t mean general stats, like how many years you’ve been in the business, or how many clients you’ve worked for (though that info is nice to know, too). But rather concrete, specific evidence of your recent successes.

Here are three things you can legitimately brag about that will impress leads, and three places you can promote them.


1. Just listed and just sold

You need to advertise what you’ve just listed and just sold. Any homes you’ve sold at or above the average market price—put them front and center!

This shows one of the most convincing factors for leads that you have recent success in the same market they want to buy or sell a home in. By showing this success with concrete, recent evidence, this goes a long way to setting up your credibility and expertise.


2. Number of open houses and attendance

Another record of your success is how many open houses you’re holding and how popular these are. While they might not matter as much as sales, they’re still of interest to leads. After all, every seller wants to have a roaring open house. Every buyer wants to deal with a connected agent.

This is also a good place to talk about your marketing and house staging credentials. If you’re getting a lot of open houses and interested buyers, point out how well you’ve marketed each house, and how you did it. Linking your marketing credentials back to recent examples is one way to put forward your accomplishments in a way that remains interesting. Everyone loves a case study.


3. What you’ve accomplished in the community

Lastly, don’t overlook what you’ve done in the community. Maybe you’ve helped at a charity event. Maybe you’ve just reviewed some local restaurants. All these things are worth pointing out. No one will know if you never say so.

Where to put all this stuff?


You can promote these points across multiple mediums: Websites, social media, and in print. They’re all important: Just as it’s not enough to just have a print strategy, it’s not enough to just have a social media strategy. Let’s examine why.

comp Websites

The obvious place for self-promotion is on your personal website—leads expect it to be there. If you have a neighborhood website, then everything can go there, too. Evidence of what you’re doing in the neighborhood is always relevant.

Used in this way, the evidence is most useful for when leads are doing their research and checking you out (i.e. Googling you or following a link on Zillow). They’ll be able to find solid information that you’re an active and successful agent, which is important to convincing them to get in touch.

share Social media

However, simply putting the information on websites is reactive. You probably won’t meet a huge new audience through Google SEO alone. Doing some bragging on social media is a good way to get the information out there, especially if it also involves other people like community events or even open houses.

print Print

Unfortunately, social media won’t reach everyone, and with so many voices, it’s all too easy to ignore. A post or tweet might live for only 3 hours before being buried under the avalanche of a million voices crying “Me too!”

That’s why print flyers are still good. A printed flyer delivered around your neighborhood is an excellent way to showcase the recent sales. Many people thinking of selling will want to know what houses are going for right now. Many others will be interested in what’s happening in the community.

chat Get the word out

As a realtor, one of your most important assets is the trust and credibility you can inspire in potential leads. While showing that credibility through the usual metrics like years of experience and brand is useful, nothing beats solid evidence of recent successes. Don’t be shy about self-promotion.

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