Three Important Real Estate Mobile Lead Generation Hacks


Mobile marketing is of extreme importance. Most of the time, real estate leads do their searches from mobile devices. If your online presence isn’t completely optimized for mobile, you’re losing leads.

However, optimizing for mobile is more than simply making a responsive website. Sure, that’s important too, but so is making sure your website loads fast. All too often, realtors employ web design companies who do these two things, and stop there. They simply give the realtor’s website the same “mobile optimization” they used on the past hundred clients.

As a realtor, you sell a particular product—your experience and expertise. Your mobile features should allow the lead to access this expertise quickly. Here are three best practices that will put you front and center on your lead’s mobile.


Put your big offer front and center

So you’re a realtor with ten years of experience, you’ve received awards, you know the market. Great, now tell me something I don’t know.


I don’t mean to be disparaging, but mobiles have very little screen space, and can only display one thing at a time. Compared to visiting websites on a desktop, leads have little tolerance for information they’ve read before—leading to the above comment. Starting with your qualifications might just annoy the lead who has to skip several pages before they get to what they want to read. Annoy them too much and they won’t care about your qualifications.

To address this problem, you need to put your big, defining offer front and center. Assume that the lead is only going to see one page, and make sure that on their mobile, they see that very one thing. Once you’ve hooked them, they can find out about your experience, expertise and awards at their leisure.

But don’t make your first impression something they already know.


Click to call buttons

Mobiles have the ability to make phone calls. Seems obvious, but many mobile websites still fail to take advantage of this simple feature. Especially in real estate, you want to get phone time with your best leads.

You can ensure you get phone time with leads by including click to call buttons: Buttons that, when clicked on a mobile, instantly call you. Of course, you’ll want to set up voicemail so as to not be disturbed at 1AM.

Including the buttons on your website is very simple. At the most basic, it can be something simple as a link written as Call Us. You don’t need any expensive services or software, and it makes your website much more mobile friendly.


Progressive forms

The major downside to mobiles is that typing can be harder. This means that any information the lead needs to enter on forms on your website can really slow them down. Include too much, and what could have been a conversion on a desktop with a keyboard, is a lost lead on a mobile.


But you don’t need to totally give up forms. Instead, have progressive forms – only ask leads to enter a subset of the information you need at any one time. You can do this in a variety of ways, from simple website styling to full-blown software.

The most basic is to use website cookies that track whether a lead has filled out a form in the past. If they have, they won’t be asked for the same information again. This can certainly help if you’re trying to convert leads through multiple visits, and asking for specific information each time.

At the more advanced end of the scale is profiling. These forms track a greater amount of information, such as number of site visits. For example, if the software detects a lead has visited five times, it might ask “Do you want an inspection of any of these properties?” This is a question you may not ask the first time a lead visits (most browsing visitors are likely to answer “no”), but when a visit comes back after putting a property on their short list, they are likely to answer “yes.”

There is a whole range of marketing software that allows you to implement this on your website. Your best move to find out more is to google “Progressive forms for mobile websites.”



Mobile websites can’t be overlooked

Mobile websites are incredibly important for realtors. Around 90% of people will use a mobile in their house search. If your website isn’t using mobile best practices, you’re losing leads. Give the mobile version of your website the attention, and investment it deserves.

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