What Keywords Should Your Zillow Profile Contain?


In our white paper, How Zillow Reviews are Make & Breaking Real Estate Agents: A Guide to Success, we talk about using your Zillow profile to attract organic leads. Organic means customers search for the results themselves, without clicking on a paid ad. Their search matches up with your profile, your profile gets shown, they click on you, and you’re in business.

What determines if a prospect will find your profile in the first place is keywords: Terms that match up to what they’re searching for. For example, if someone types in “condos” and you have “condos” in your profile, then that’s potentially a match. The closer your profile matches their search, the greater possibility of hooking up.

In this blog post we go into a bit more of the detail behind keyword selection. After reading, it should be a little clearer.


Short tail keywords

Keywords are either “short tail” or “long tail.” Short tail keywords are general, everyone will use them at some point. For example, “Ft. Lauderdale real estate” is a short tail keyword.

Because of popularity of these searches, ranking for them is intensely competitive. To rank for these keywords you must be big. That’s why if you enter “Ft. Lauderdale real estate” into Google you’re going to see big websites like Zillow, Trulia and Realtor at the top of the search results. An individual realtor does not have much hope of ranking.

Long-tail search in Google.

Short tail search in Google for “fort lauderdale real estate”.

However, that’s not to say you shouldn’t use these keywords at all. You can rank high on short tail keywords by proxy. When you search for “Ft. Lauderdale real estate agents” Google will throw up a link to a Zillow agent page as one of its top results. Clicking through to that page will then show the agents Zillow ranks in order of number of reviews. By getting more reviews, you can rank for these short tail keywords by proxy.


Long tail keywords

Credit: searchenginepartner.com

Credit: searchenginepartner.com

Long tail keywords are the opposite: They’re niche keywords, like our previous example of “condos.” Specific suburb names and zip codes are also long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords get less attention, but can be subject to more focused attention. If a buyer searches for “Ft. Lauderdale real estate” they’re likely to be wanting to see the market as a whole. If they search for a specific property type, they’re likely to be closer to buying.

For this reason you should always include relevant long tail keywords in your profile relevant to your location, property types, and specific services you offer.

The good news is that with less competition, the number of reviews needed to get highly ranked in Zillow is much less than short tail keywords. You can rank highly for many long tail keywords with 50 reviews or less.


Buyer vs seller keywords

Most realtors want to focus on both buyers and sellers. It’s important then to make sure you aren’t exclusively focusing on one type of customer to the neglect of another.

Buyers will use keyword searches relative to the property type or quality. For example, “waterfront property” is a typical buyer keyword. The best way to come up with suitable buyer keywords is to observe what the buyers you deal with on a daily basis are after—then write about it. Buyers at the upper end of the market will be after features like waterfront, hardwood floors, and luxury, whereas buyers at the bottom end may be focused more specifically on price.

Sellers will make searches more about your capabilities and services, your accomplishments, and your experience in a particular location. For example, seller keywords could include “seller’s agent,” “short sales,” as well as neighborhood names and zip codes.

At the end of the day, a great profile on Zillow will have it all: Keywords for short tail, long tail, buyer, and seller searches. You’re far better off with a long, rounded profile, than a short and incomplete one.

If you want to learn more about how we’ve used organic keywords to generate $400,000 of directly attributable income,  we’ve just published our next white paper, How Zillow Reviews are Make & Breaking Real Estate Agents: A Guide to Success. It’s free to subscribers to our email list.

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