Yet Another Way to Turn Yourself into a Respected Neighborhood Expert


We’ve previously covered many methods for turning yourself into the go-to agent for your neighborhood. You can prepare a Facebook report, support community events, and take advantage of other social media sites like Pinterest. This gets you leads, since extensive neighborhood knowledge is one of the premier differentiating advantages between agents.

Today we’ll cover yet another technique in this family—making a really effective neighborhood website. Now you probably already have your own real estate website. You might even have a neighborhood section on it. But you should also consider an entirely independent neighborhood website. Here’s why.


4 Reasons to consider a neighborhood website

Number 1: It looks better in the search engines.

A lead is much more likely to click on than The former suggests neighborhood specialization, the latter looks like an afterthought.

Number 2: It gives a better first impression to those who do click.

Chances are, the homepage of your main website is already taken up by more generic information. When a lead absolutely wants evidence of neighborhood knowledge, a tailored website shows them this right from the start.

Number 3: You have more space.

On a neighborhood website you have much more space to post little snippets like restaurant reviews or community events. It’s easier for a lead to navigate around instead of if it’s all crammed into the one all-purpose website.

Number 4: It looks less promotional on social media.

The best advertising on social media is that which fits in without being too self promotional. Posting your neighborhood website can be done much more frequently than posting your general real estate website.


3 Cool content ideas

Now we’ve established why it’s a good idea, let’s look at what can go in this website. As we’ve explained before, links to your Facebook group, infographics, and and photographs you’ve taken all make good content ideas. Cross-posting these to your website is a great way to extend their life and gather more people to your Facebook group.

1. Videos of the community

A “Life in…” neighborhood video review is a great way to introduce the community to potential clients. Videos give you much more credibility, and have great search engine cred. Just keep it simple—2 minutes at the most, preferably shot outside, and discuss some of the key points in your neighborhood report. At the end of the video, invite viewers to check out your Facebook group.

2. A waiting list of clients

Turn an ordinary email list into a waiting list of people looking to get into the neighborhood. However, instead of just making it a normal marketing list, have interested buyers enter their ideal property details. When properties that fit those criteria come on the market, send them an email. Everyone wants advance-notice of properties.

3. MLS Updates

Besides the videos, waiting list, and links to other neighborhood content you’ve posted on social media, an MLS search tool set up to give results specific to that neighborhood can be helpful and give people a reason to visit the website.


Show your expertise far and wide

The single most important thing to show to leads is you have expertise in the area they’re buying or selling. The more you can promote this—on Facebook, on Pinterest, even offline—the better. A neighborhood website is just one more available tool to allow you to broadcast your neighborhood expertise even further.

Best of all, it requires next to no unique content. Anything you post here can be used on social media and vice versa.

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