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Awards & Current Rankings

The Scotsman Guide is a well-respected source in the mortgage industry. The Top Originators award is a highly sought after recognition for mortgage originators. This particular award recognizes the top mortgage originators, or individuals who originate or process mortgage loans, in a given year. The award is based on factors such as volume of loans originated, growth in production, and overall performance.

The National Mortgage News Top Producers Award is given to recognize the top mortgage producers in the industry. The award may recognize individuals, teams, or companies that have excelled in the mortgage industry based on criteria such as loan volume, growth in production, and overall performance. National Mortgage News is a well-respected source for news and information in the mortgage industry, and the Top Producers award is a highly sought-after recognition for those working in the field. Receiving this award is a significant accomplishment and a testament to the recipient’s skills and success in the mortgage industry.

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