Things You Need to Know About VA Loans

Veterans deserve our respect for the sacrifices they’ve made for our country. One way to honor them is to ensure they will have a place to go home to. Getting a VA loan is one way for our veterans to have their own homes. A VA loan is a special type of home buyer program. […]

SHIP: What you need to know about Florida’s State Housing Initiative Partnership

If you live in Florida, SHIP is something that you need to know about. SHIP provides down payment and closing cost assistance to low or moderate-income homeowners. SHIP differs from the Florida First Time Homebuyer Program in that it is not directly run by Florida Housing. Instead, local governments are granted funds, with some stipulations […]

Commission-Based Income for Mortgages | The Whats, Hows, and Whys

What is income? It’s a basic question. However, how do you define it? Perhaps, income is what you receive from your employer. It can also be sales that a business generates. Generally, income is any cash flow that “inures” the benefit of an individual. The word “inure” means “to the advantage of” in legal jargon. […]

Is Right Now the Right Time to Sell?

The ongoing pandemic has made the real estate industry sluggish. This is because sellers are hesitant to list their property. They are also worried about going through the motions of moving. There is also the health risk involved of having people visit your house. If you want to sell your house, now is the time […]

Choosing The Best Type Of Mortgage When Buying A Florida Real Estate

Finding a home for sale in Miami, Florida is only half the battle. The other half is choosing the right home loan. Keep in mind that you’ll likely be paying your mortgage for a long time. So it’s essential to find a winning deal that’ll fit your needs and your budget. Every mortgage has its […]

Interest Rate or Cost: Which is More Important for Investing in a Mortgage Contract?

 When buying real estate property under a mortgage contract, buyers often have to decide which consideration is more important to their decision-making — interest rate or cost. Does the interest rate have more bearing than the cost, or is it the other way around? South Florida’s local mortgage expert and Reach Home Loan’s director […]

First-Time Homebuyer Tips: What Not to Do Before You Buy a New House

 Buying a new home is a fun and exciting process. It’s not every day one becomes a bonafide homeowner after all. That being said, it’s important not to allow the excitement of buying a house for the first time to push you into making rookie mistakes along the way. Plenty of things could still […]

Paying Over Appraised Value

   With the Florida real estate market being a seller’s market, buyers are becoming more competitive by the day. A seller’s market is where the inventory is few, but there are plenty of buyers in the market. Unfortunately, this imbalance often leads to buyers becoming more willing to crush the competition by paying over […]

Renting vs. Buying a Home: Buying a House Is More Affordable Than Renting

   Is buying a house more affordable than renting? Almost everyone has probably asked this question. Many people are probably wondering if they’re throwing away their hard-earned money when they are paying for rent instead of applying for a mortgage. It’s important to note that buying a home is a huge responsibility that requires […]

ARM vs 30-year Fixed Mortgages | Which is Better?

 Most people are confused between adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM) and fixed-rate mortgages in today’s mortgage products. Many people can’t differentiate between the two and are often misinformed on how they work. Brandon Brotsky, Division Origination Director of Reach Home Loans, explains the significant differences between an ARM and fixed mortgages. Read further to know if […]

How to Use a Financing Contingency to Win a Bidding War

 Today’s Florida housing market is seeing some crazy times because there are so many buyers competing for houses, yet the housing inventory remains low. Almost everyone who wants to move to Florida knows that homes in The Sunshine State are flying off the shelves. That’s why there’s almost always a bidding war on some […]

3 Helpful Tips to Make Your Offer Stand Out to Sellers

 As a buyer, how do you win in a multiple offer situation? The current market situation is that we are firmly in a typical seller’s market. There’s a limited inventory of houses for sale, yet more and more buyers are entering the market. Due to this market condition, sellers are facing what is called […]

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