Mortgage Rates Decrease…Despite Precedent for Upward Movement

Mortgage rates are usually determined by the prices of mortgage-based securities, as well as 10-year treasuries (because the latter behaves much like the former). When the prices for both move lower, their yields come up. As a result, mortgage rates go up. Both mortgages and 10-year treasuries saw their prices move down today and, accordingly…mortgage […]

Black Knight Report Indicates HPI Increase From January, Builds Upon 2015 Gains

Black Knight Financial Services has released its report on February housing prices and the news looks good. It looks even better if you consider it within the context of the last decade. Home prices—for the nation as a whole—rose by .7 percent from January to February, which brought them to levels that were 5.3 percent […]

Looking to Buy Your First Home? Pay Attention to These 3 Key Factors!

There are few things as thrilling—or as terrifying—as looking for your first home. Odds are it’s one of the biggest financial transactions that you’ve ever made, and it’s understandable that you’ll want as much helpful advice as you can get. What’s the best option for figuring out a sound strategy for the homebuying process? Speak […]

South Florida Livability [INFOGRAPHIC]

South Florida, stretching down the Atlantic Coast to the greater Miami area, is one the best places on Earth to call home. A combination of beautiful weather, countless activities, cultural diversity and bustling economics make the future just as bright as the sunshine on Palm Beach.

Fannie Mae Offers Mixed Bag of Positive and Negative Housing Indicators

The economists over at Fannie Mae released their April Economic and Strategic Research Report on Friday, and it seems that housing indicators remain mixed. Senior Vice President and Chief Economist Doug Duncan implied that the good and the bad seemed to balance out for the time being. Let’s take a look at both the positives […]

Did Your Appraisal Come In Below Sale Price?

There are few things that feel as much like a gut-punch than getting a lower appraisal than you expected. You’ve brought in a fair offer for your home and then, out of the blue, an appraiser seems to think that your house is worth less than what was offered. Most people assume that this is […]

Reports Show Mortgage Applications Increase to Second Highest Point Since 2010

Need some good news from the housing market as we approach Spring, the choice homebuying season? The weekly report from the Mortgage Bankers Association, reflecting the week that ended on April 8, has nothing but good news. How good? Try “second highest level since May 2010” level good. Let Mike Fratantoni, the chief economist at […]

Discount Points and Premium Credits: Will They Pay Off for YOUR Home Purchase?

What if a lender offered you a lower interest rate on your mortgage, or even cash toward your closing costs? It may sound too good to be true but it actually happens on a regular basis, in the form of discount points and premium credits, respectively. It sounds great but it’s also important that buyers […]

Millennials Skipping Starter Homes—Vanity or Finances to Blame?

Millennials are moving away from big cars but the trend seems to be in reverse when it comes to housing: New surveys indicate that younger individuals are looking to get into a big home right off of the bat. Bank of America conducted a nationwide survey of millennials—typically defined as those between the ages of […]

Short Sales, Deed in Lieu, Foreclosure and Bankruptcy: When Can You Buy Again?

We all remember the recession that occurred from 2007 until 2009—one of the darker economic periods in recent memory for Americans. Some people, unfortunately, remember it more vividly than others: Those who lost their homes during the lead-up to the housing bubble bursting, a trend that reached its worst point during 2012. The good news: […]

Housing Cash Sale Shares Finish 2015 On Low Note, Set Ignominious Mark

Housing Cash Sale Shares returned to levels typical of the rest of 2015 after a brief blip upward during November, according to recent reports from CoreLogic. The financial services company indicated this week that the percentage of homes that were bought with cash was down to 33.4 percent, which ended 2015 with 33.9 percent of […]

A Down Payment for Just $100? Find Out How HUD Helps You Find A New Home

If you’ve been considering buying a new home, odds are that you’ve been saving up money for a long time just so that you can afford to put forward a large down payment. We applaud you for going about things the right way, preparing for that big initial investment. So don’t hate us when we […]