Rates React to Looming European Central Bank Announcement

If you flash back almost exactly two months, you’ll recall that we looked at how possible tapering in Europe had led to rising rates in that moment. Rumors were published that the European Central Bank was looking to taper off its current bond-buying program, worth €80 billion per month. That report sent rates a-rising and […]

4 Ways to Beat Increasing Mortgage Rates in 2017

If you’ve been paying attention to the markets recently, you know that mortgage rates have risen. We got comfortable with rates in the 3.5 to 3.625 percent range, and those numbers have jumped up to 4.125 percent (as of publication). Considering that the Federal Reserve Board could raise the federal interest rate during December, you […]

OPEC, Russia, and Their Impact on Mortgage Rates This Week

Mortgage rates had been record-level low for most of the year, and yet that probably wasn’t the main financial indicator that most Americans were looking at. If you weren’t looking for a home during 2016, odds are you were looking at your fuel gauge instead. Low prices for gasoline continued to make life easier for […]

Qualifying for A Mortgage With Unique Income Situations

Both taking out and giving out loans is inherently risky. You can never be 100 percent sure what will happen across a period of 30 years, and what circumstances might lead to someone defaulting on a loan. There are a series of checks in place to help lenders determine whether a borrower is a safe […]

No Real Ceiling in Sight for Rates, Certainly No Basement

If you were looking for something to be thankful for heading into the holiday dedicated to that act…look somewhere else besides the mortgage industry. It’s going to be a long time before we’ll be able to see if rates will head back to the glorious 3.625 percent range that we experienced for much of the […]

5 Programs Florida Homebuyers Can Be Thankful For

We hope you have plenty of things to be thankful for this week: family, friends, and of course plenty of food to eat and football to watch while you digest. When you purchase your first home, you’ll have something new to be thankful for, as it’s one of the greatest experiences you can imagine. If […]

It’s Been A Busy Week; Will Rates Rebound from 4 Percent?

This was the day Garfield was talking about. The famous, fat cartoon cat has always proclaimed his distaste for the first day of the work week, and we—the working masses—have tended to agree. But November 14 was something else altogether: By the end of the day, the average mortgage rates had skyrocketed to 4 percent, […]

The Pros & Cons of Paying Ahead on Your Mortgage

If you’re looking for strategic ways to boost your bank account, congratulations: That’s good thinking. Now you need to figure out what plan will work best for you in the long run. Here’s one that might cross your mind: Paying off the principal on your mortgage in advance. Let’s assume you’ve got a $200,000 mortgage […]

Election Surprise Pushes Up Rates, But Should It Have?

Most people probably came to this week’s rates update expecting bad news. One of the most popular facts thrown out by analysts as Donald Trump’s election creeped toward inevitability was that the Dow futures and S&P 500 both took hits even more drastic than those caused by 9/11. Using that logic, most would assume that […]

What Will 2017 Hold for Housing and Mortgages?

This year has been huge for buyers, who have been able to take advantage of mortgage rates that have approached record lows for record lengths of time. But what about you? Have you been interested in getting into a new home, but haven’t jumped at the opportunity yet? A popular theme when making huge financial […]

Fed Does Its Best Not To Nudge Rates on Eve of Election

Last week (10/26) we suggested that Wednesday could bring a significant shakeup to mortgage rates, as the Federal Reserve was scheduled to make an announcement. Naturally, things worked in the opposite of what trends would suggest. Namely, rates spiked suddenly after we spoke last week and instead eased back down alongside the Fed’s announcement. Go […]

Mortgage Lenders Look to December…and Not for The Holidays

The holidays (the December ones) keep creeping up earlier and earlier every year. The Hallmark Channel will begin airing its annual barrage of Christmas movies beginning during late October. Normally, we would be inclined to rail against society ignoring perfectly good holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving…but this year mortgage watchers are just as much […]